Sunday, June 20, 2010

An Outing in Nairobi National Park...soo cool

no not that kind of outing....although we did see two male impala's humping each other...

Yesterday was an amazing day. We started the day with a great breakfast and attended an MCC church mass in our LGBT offices. Got some emails done and cleaned the office a bit.

 THEN David and I headed to the Nairobi National Park where we took a game ride through the park. OMG how friggin cool…We had the most amazing time. At first we thought that it would be a poor day for site seeing…it looked as if we would see nothing at the beginning of the day. But THEN omg, we saw so many different animals! We saw ostrich, zebra’s, rhino’s (both black and white), impala, buffalo, giraffe, baboon, omg!! It was soooooooo awesome….THE BEST part though, was seeing up close and personal….literally like 8 feet away…. A pride of lions!! WOW three lionesses and a male lion….FRIGGIN A!!! We were soooo lucky and we got to hang out with them for at least a half hour!! It was sooo cool and so rare for a group of people like ourselves. What an amazing experience…sadly….my main camera had its battery die on me right before we saw the lions. However, I think my iphone photos turned out okay. Look below to see.
   For the rest of the day we got to hang out with baboons, see a herd of buffalo and yeah.. It was amazing…even better in some respects than the safari I took in South Africa…it was soooo awesome!!! I was happy to go with my friend David too, it was great to share the experience with someone that I know. AHHH CRAZY DAY! HOW COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out the photo’s below: 






Male Lion:


Dear World...Please don't think for one second that I take this for granted. I am sooo incredibly blessed and yesterday was just another blessing for me. I mean how many people in their life times get to see what I saw yesterday, besides in a zoo. I was able to see these animals and more in their natural habitat and it was so amazing. I didn't have my camera to be able to take pictures of the even more wildlife that we saw. It was such an incredible day and I'm so thankful to have had this opportunity. A shout out also goes to my friend David who was there with me as well. You can have an experience, and then share an experience with a friend:) It's so much better that way:) Hope the world is beautiful wherever you are:)

The coolest nature video I've ever seen. 


  1. Vow Ryan, this is just incredible. I am envious.

  2. The Nairobi National Park is an exceptional preserved region of savannah stretching by the side of the metropolitan capital Nairobi. Renowned for being the solitary reserve all across the world that borders a capital city, this park is regarded as one of the main attractions in Kenya designed for the tourists as well as the locals.