Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The first 24 hrs in Nairobi:

We ended up leaving the Cairo airport around 10:45PM on Friday and got into Nairobi at 3:45 am. We were greeted by my two hosts Javince and David, both who were these fabulous men who were incredible at welcoming me into their home. It was an intense first few hours…I had gotten little to no sleep on the plane and I think about an hour away from landing it started to hit me that this experience was real.  So was we drove into the city, it was dark and even at 4:30 in the morning, there were a ton of people on the park.
   Our home is right next to the Nairobi National Park in a small suburb/town called Rangai. We live in a small complex with a guard and a gate towards the middle of a dirt road.  We arrived and shortly there after I slept for a few hours before we drove into town to go to work. With maybe three hours of sleep, we arrived at the warm and friendly office where I met and was comforted by the most fabulous men ever. Kris, Omrian, Mutisya  were three amazing guys and it just really helped me to feel much more relaxed here in terms of the physical place of Nairobi as well as the issue that I will be working on this summer.
   Javince has also taken amazing care of me. He call’s me his son officially now, and he has helped me out so much to be able to get around town in all of the Matutu’s and figuring out the transportation system.  We ended up being so tired that we fell asleep early that night.

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  1. It sounds so beautiful! What kind of animals might you see this summer? Is it cold yet? Did you bring the right kind of clothes? Hope you are well. Love you, Mom