Monday, June 28, 2010

It was another great weekend here in Nairobi. We had a lot of fun activities that kept us out and about. On Saturday night we hung out with a bunch of people from work after a meeting and got to get out and see the town a bit. Afterwards we met up with some more friends for sushi, Indian food and the World Cup Soccer match between the US and Ghana. What a game ehh?

Then on Sunday we had a general meeting with the board of GALCK and before that we went to the Nairobi national Museum and got to have some incredible conversation while drinking mochas. What an amazing weekend, was so glad to have it. 

Finally, last night we ATTEMPTED making tacos....I think they tasted alright, but they were not the MOST AMAZING THING ever...but whatevs. Having a good time!! YAY! Check out the pics below for a brief glimpse into the weekend. 

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