Friday, June 25, 2010

Maurice is the Worst Person in the World....

....okay, not really. In fact he's one of my closest friends in the entire office and has been one of the few people here that  I've connected with the most. I absolutely love his kindness and his ability to be a real friend to me during the times when I've needed a friend the most.  He has just started a tradition on my blog. In my own small way, I hope to honor the amazing, wonderful and beautiful people I have met since I've been here.  Thus it is my incredible honor, as the very FIRST person that I hope to highlight that I introduce you to....Maurice.

 I will never forget the night at Taco's when he took care of me. We barely knew each other then, but even then he was looking out for me. He allowed me to be vulnerable and let me share with him all of my inner most turmoil and fears at that time. He calmed me, relaxed me and helped me to feel safe in a space I was yet to feel completely comfortable in. I was there with a few of my co-workers and his energy and spirit just was so wonderful to have.

 At the office, he's a bit of a drama queen...always teasing me and pushing my buttons, but that's Maurice...he's amazing and I wish he could meet all of my friends back home. He has this AWESOME spirit, one that lights  up a room. He lives free in a world that is hostile towards people like him. He walks with such strength and energy and I just admire him so much...JUST FOR BEING HIM. No more, no less. What a great person and I feel honored to know him.

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